About Mon Beau Reve and Co.

Lagenlook - English translation from German means "the layering look". Even though Germany may have started the layering look craze, many other European countries have come to embrace it as well.

Designers from all over the world now create their own version of “Lagenlook” designs. From Norway, Switzerland, France and beyond. No two people’s physiques are built the same and layering can be fun. Wearing this type of design is not only comfortable, but also a little quirky, fun, and gives you the ability to create your own unique style.

For many years I have been dressing in, what many might consider, a non-conventional manner. Layering, mixing/matching, throwing pieces of clothing together you may not think of doing, but everywhere I went I was constantly getting stopped by those wanting to know where I purchased my pieces. Being an artist, I had always dreamed of designing my own clothing, but it was the amount of attention my style was getting that catapulted me into following my instincts. I’ve taken a little bit of Lagenlook, mixed it with a bit of Prairie, took inspiration from Boho, and then threw in a smidgen of Shabby to create Mon Beau Rêve and Co. (French for My beautiful dream)!

Mon Beau Reve and Co.
C.J, Proprietor/Designer of Mon Beau Rêve and Co.

Using only the highest quality 100% Cotton and Linen was a no-brainer since those fabrics breath, are esthetically pleasing, and are soooo comfortable! You might say “oh but it wrinkles”. I would say “so what?” A few wrinkles only add to the look and feel. My house is beautiful yet lived in, and I choose that for my clothing as well. Having my designs fashioned right here in the USA was a must from the get-go. Never gave it a second thought! If my clothing line couldn’t be made in America  - it wouldn’t be made at all.

Because each piece is made to order there may be slight variances, but each will be made with you in mind. All buttons or clasps used on Mon Beau Rêve clothing are authentic vintage which I collect from all over the world.

We are our own canvas, individual as every cloud in the sky. We can paint our canvas with what we wear.

I hope you enjoy wearing our line as much as we do!

“In order to be irreplaceable……one must always be different”
~Coco Chanel