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Needles and Stitches

Claudia, the owner of Needles and Stitches, has been a seamstress for most of her life.  She first started taking lessons as a young girl growing up in Colombia and continued sewing and designing over the years.  Many years later, she was living in Michigan attending design school and working for a large alterations company. When her husband's job was suddenly relocated, she decided it was the perfect time to come to Florida and start her own business.

Fortunately, when she came to Florida, she was able to find a great team of professionals to help her establish her company in September of 2014.  Her assistant, Rebecca, managed the business aspects  and they soon added another member to the team, their seamstress, Cheryl.  The business took off and since then they have expanded to include other seamstresses as needed. 

Mon Beau Reve and Co.

During their first year of business, these ladies have had the opportunity to work on many unique projects, everything from a patent-pending prototype to beautiful wedding gowns to manufacturing for other businesses to bring their clothing designs to life.  When you love what you do and you enjoy working together, it shows!  The future is full of possibilities and they are excited to see what comes next.

Thank you so much Claudia, Rebecca and Cheryl for bringing my clothing line to life!